Photo Shoot: Picturing Safe Routes

What are your favorite things about walking or biking to school? What are your least favorite things? Grab a camera and let your pictures tell the story! We’ll post your photos and comments in the Safe Routes Gallery below, and use them to help develop the new Safe Routes to School Plan.

Take one, two or more images and upload each, including a few words to explain what your photo illustrates.

Need inspiration? Consider these categories:

Sidewalks • Trails • Crosswalks • Neighborhoods • Natural scenery • Friends and groups

Fill out my online form.

Note: The City of Puyallup will not share information or use entries for any purpose other than this contest. One prize entry per participant.

Safe Routes Gallery

This collection includes shots of existing conditions taken by the City, the School District and others. Images and captions submitted as part of our Picturing Safe Routes activity shown here too!